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  • How the Sun Hastens Skin Aging

    by Claire Willows August 11, 2012
    Sun and Skin Aging

    Apart from being our body’s primary barrier against bacteria and viruses, we also take pride in our skin. Having luscious, flawless and radiant skin is truly a great asset; and as many say, if cosmetics are paint, then our skin is the blank canvas where beauty can be created. Essentially, we won’t need a lot […]

    A Look At The 5 Secrets Behind That Clear And Youthful Skin

    by Guest Author July 25, 2012
    Balance Diet

    Every woman (even men with the recent bold rise of the metro sexual man) wants a clear skin with no single pimple or sign of acne and looking forever twenty, even though you are well into your forty’s. You know what, baby soft skin with no wrinkles or a single blemish is actually possible to […]

    Protecting Your Skin With An Anti Aging Diet

    by Alison Graham July 17, 2012
    Healthy Anti Aging Diet

    When we were younger, many of us ate what we liked, when we liked and did not give too much consideration to the nutritional value of what we were eating or the potential health consequences for the future of our dietary choices! Now we have had a few more birthdays, looking in the mirror makes […]

    Acne Treatments and Skin Care Tips

    by Mountain View July 4, 2012
    Acne Treatments

    The first time you noticed acne on your face, you may not have even wanted to leave your home. However, no matter how bad you think that pimple is, life goes on. You may not want others to see you at what you consider to be your worst, but instead of hiding out or worrying […]

    Top 4 Essential Oils That Can Treat Acne

    by Amarendra July 2, 2012
    Adult Acne Fast Acting Essential Oil Remedy

    Who would have thought that essential oils can actually treat an oily condition in the form of acne? Many people believe that when one has acne, oil based skin products should be avoided because these just increase the oiliness of the skin and add to the sebum build-up in the pores contributing to more acne […]

    Castor Oil For Skin Mole Removal

    by Andrew Smith June 29, 2012
    Castor Oil For Skin Mole Removal

    If you have a non-cancerous mole that is bothering you, there are ways to safely remove it! This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to cut it off, there are other options. Castor oil for skin mole removal might not be something you have heard of, but it’s very effective. Not to mention it’s very affordable […]

    The Best Vitamins and Minerals to Fight Acne

    by John June 23, 2012
    Vitamins and Minerals to Fight Acne

    Acne is a common problem for many teenagers and young adults. While there are lots of prescription products and expensive lotions designed to eliminate acne, not all of these are healthy for one’s skin. However, there are many natural foods, supplements and vitamins that can promote healthy, beautiful and clear skin. Understanding Acne Acne is […]

    7 Effective Tips To Get Rid Of Teenage Acne

    by hghworks June 15, 2012
    Tips To Get Rid Of Teenage Acne

    Teenage is the time when one is learning to mix with the world and is extremely sensitive about their image. No doubt it is often quite embarrassing for some teens when they have to go for classes or meet friends with a pimple on the face. Don’t Touch The Pimple Not touching your face with […]

    Hydrogen Peroxide Helps Cure Acne

    by Dr. Amarendra June 7, 2012
    Hydrogen Peroxide Cure For Acne

    Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful antiseptic used for the cleansing of wounds and other infection. In addition, it is also effective in clearing acne by eradicating the bacteria in the skin and allowing the acne to reduce inflammation and heal. Hydrogen peroxide has a chemical name of H2O2. It is most commonly used for external […]

    Got Acne? Here Are Your Options

    by Kevin Malone May 5, 2012

    Acne can be a stressful situation. It can hinder your self-esteem and cause emotional issues that can scar more than the acne itself. There are many options available for dealing with acne though. You don’t have to suffer alone! Just know that it is important to get treatment as soon as you begin suffering from […]

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